What is Neon?

Take total control of your secondary market, eliminate ticket fraud, collect all customer details and even set yourself a handling fee or revenue share. Welcome to Neon.

Neon doesn’t need to integrate with your existing ticketing system and won’t cost you anything to set up and offer to your customers, right now.

  • Control every aspect of resale, from the number of tickets per listing to the maximum asking price
  • Approve or decline each and every listing to stamp out touts and ticket fraud
  • Collect all the customer data you want for your CRM
  • Earn new revenues and stop others profiting without permission
Neon works across devices

Register your venue now and you could be live in 24 hours!

If you have a venue, festival or brand and you want to take control of your resale,
set up your free Neon account today and you could be offering your customers a safe and simple way to buy and resell tickets by tomorrow.

Let's do it

Grab our how it works guide

Want to know more? Then download our quick and easy Neon Reselling guide to find out how you can;

  • Take control of your reselling
  • Cut out fraud and customer distress
  • Control how much tickets are resold for
  • Earn a commision or flat fee from all sales
  • Make every secondary customer primary
  • Give your customers the freedom they want

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